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Babel\'s Kingdom

Babel\'s Kingdom

  • 编  号:313910
  • 作  者:Mirta Kupferminc
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Babel\'s Kingdom


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尺寸 50x36(cm) 创作年代 2008年
作品分类 综合材料 材质 其它 题材 抽象
Mirta Kupferminc

Mirta Kupferminc

出生年份: 1955
籍  贯: 国外


Mirta Kupferminc was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1955.

Studies: Manuel Belgrano (National College) – Degree: Teacher; Prilidiano Pueyrredón (National College) – Degree: Master;Ernesto de la Cárcova (Superior College) – Degree: Printmaking Professor
Has been exhibiting locally and internationally since 1977 and has held more than 60 one-person shows in Argentinian galleries, institutions and museums.

Internationally, she has participated at exhibitions in Cadaqués, Madrid, Sevilla, (Spain); Museum of Fine Arts of Taipei, (Taiwan); galleries and museums in Tokyo and other Japanese cities, Germany, Israel, United States of America, Poland, France, Hungary and England, among others.
She represented Argentina at International Biennials on several occasions and was the only Latin-American who was invited to be part of the ‘Honey Moon Project’ in Los Angeles, 1992.

She makes books for bibliophyls . Some of them with: Santigo Kovadloff, Eliahu Toker, and Saúl Sosnowski; that were shown at Museo de Arte Moderno (1992) ; Museo Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires , MALBA (2003), and Centro Cultural Recoleta (2006). Library of Congress- Washington (2007) Villa Ocampo- UNESCO (2007)
Lectures at MIAD ( Milwakee Institute of Art and Design), and at the Golda Meir Library (Wisconsin University, Milwakee (2007)

One of her works was integrated to the Arteviva Foundation Educational Project.
She made a crystal carved mural on the topic of tango, located in the lobby of the Abasto Plaza Hotel, Buenos Aires; and a homage monument to the victims of the terrorist attack to the AMIA, Memoria Activa – Lavalle Square, Buenos Aires.
The artist is mentioned in several national and international publications.
Mirta Kupferminc has been developing an intense art teaching performance since 1980.