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Muher 在艺搜查询

出生年份: 1956
籍    贯: 国外


Muher I is the pseudonym used by the Spanish couple of artist  from Madrid, Manuel Herrera and Francisca Muñoz

These two versatile artists work in fields as varied as architecture, photography, paintings, sculpture and advertising. The recurring theme of nature in their art-work comes from their frequent travels around the world. Their works are vigorous, energetic , and full of light and color. The seeking of the personal style has arrived them to manage the light and kinetic movements of the space , Visually stunning, MUHER´s vivid palm trees and sumptuous flowers invite us to enter in their personal world.

their personal artwork, is based on the deconstruction of their creative elements. Palm trees, roses, flowers, are topics that MUHER develops from their speech chromatic, subsequently, for deconstruct it in spots of color and be rebuilt in independent structures. Getting  a language vibrating and personal

Muñoz and Herrera live and work between Spain and  Florida . They have work together as a group since the beginnings of the 80 and have shown their works all around the world, Latin America , Europe , the United States, Africa  and Asia , thru important international museums   They have also contributed with art in public spaces in their home country , and currently in Miami.